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Horses behaving badly?

Let me help you to live in harmony with your horse.

Linda is a qualified Equine Behaviour Consultant, registered with the Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants. 

She has owned, trained, ridden, driven and bred her own horses for well over 30 years, and horses are her one true passion. 

She has helped many horses and their owners over the years to understand each other and resolve their conflicts.

The most common of those being loading, standing for the farrier, standing to be mounted, nipping and napping. 

If you have a behaviour related issue with your horse which you would like help with, please get in touch. 

Initial Consultation £75

On the initial session, which will take around 2 hours, Linda will take a full case history, and make an assessment of the behaviour presented, to help her work out why your horse is behaving in such a way. If appropriate, she will offer a detailed personalised training programme, allowing you to work at your own pace, taking into account your ability, fitness and confidence, as well as the time, facilities, assistance and support you have available.

Many issues can be resolved after one consultation with small changes in management, whilst other problems may need a follow-up visit or training sessions to solve longer-term.

Linda will provide you with a detailed report in writing, following your consultation.

Telephone support is included for up to 1 month after the consultation. 

Follow up visits £50

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